Private Events

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Yes you can rent the Haw River Ballroom for your private event! If you are interesting in holding your wedding at the Ballroom please visit our wedding site. We also host parties, dances, conferences, reunions, film screenings, trainings, rehearsals, and large workshops. We also have our space available to rent for video tapings. Please contact if you are interested in renting the space.

Rockstar Event – Sound and Lights

Haw River Ballroom is an award winning music venue with some of the best acoustics, sound and light equipment North Carolina has to offer. You will not find sound or lighting at this level at any other event venue in the state and it makes for an amazing and unforgettable celebration or gathering.

Climate Control

As the weather gets more unpredictable, the Ballroom can offer a safety zone all year round. Don’t worry about weather on your big day. And our systems are running on geothermal and solar power—an investment that was important to us.